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Language Translation,Translation Agency,Human Translation offers language translation services to help you communicate with customers and partners around the world. We offer a variety of translation services, including human translation, machine translation, and translation agency services. We can help you translate your website, app, or document into another language.


We provide a variety of services related to translation, localization, and interpretation projects. We work with a wide range of texts and formats, providing a quick and individualized service that is known for its accuracy and quality. We are a team of linguists specialized in different fields and with more than 8 years in this field.


Professional translations by experts in many fields who work with different types of document formats.


Our experienced team of specialized interpreters is ready to work on any form of interpretation.


Grammar, spelling, formatting, word choice, sentence structure, style, consistency, punctuation, and more are all checked and corrected during the editing and proofreading process.


Accurate and fast conversion of audio to text. 


Translation + creation

We translate writings while keeping the meaning, context, emotion, and tone of the original.


In our services, we apply SEO strategies to improve the visibility of your website to web search engine users.
Improved organic results are part of this.

DTP y Post-DTP

We help you with the rearrangement of text, images and graphs to make the appropriate publishing of documents such as leaflets, brochures, manuals, slideshows, websites, etc.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Translation is started with a machine suggestion to use as a reference to make appropriate edits when necessary to provide an accurate and natural final text.


We are a group of linguists with specialized knowledge in several subjects and extensive professional experience, led by Agostina Minini. We provide specialized and professional translation services at reasonable pricing with a speedy turnaround.

Agostina is an English sworn translator, graduated with honors from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo.


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“Back and Forth has helped me with the translation of various contracts and other legal documents on several times. I always get fantastic outcomes and on-time delivery. Professional in every way. I recommend it .”

Ezequiel Guerra


“Agostina rapidly and accurately translated my diploma and transcript. She is a consummate professional who is dedicated and always willing to assist. Her service comes highly recommended. Thank you so much, Agos! “

Magali Lopez Cortez

English teacher

“I hired Agostina’s services to translate business documents. Her work is highly professional, and everything was completed in a timely manner.
Her generosity is astounding; we needed to make a few alterations after the work was completed, and she was more than willing to make them. Excellent work quality, and a professional who comes highly recommended.

Miguel Carminati Sánchez


Excellent customer service! I hired her to translate a curriculum vitae and a motivational letter for a Postdoctoral fellowship in another country, and the documents were thorough and correct! Agostina is meticulous, dedicated, and friendly. She had clarified to me several parts of the fellowship application process about which I was unaware. She is extremely skilled! I strongly recommend her services.

Maria Valeria Sieyra

Astronomer, Post-Doctoral fellow at Leuven University

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Back and Forth?

    We are a group of expert linguists who, as qualified translators and interpreters, provide individualized services. Translation, interpretation, editing, transcription, transcreation, SEO, Machine Translation Post-Editing, and DTP are some of the services we offer. Legal, medical, business, commerce, marketing, economics, finance, and information technology are some of our key areas of specialization. Back and Forth is characterized by its speed, precision, and high quality.

    Do you work with Certified documents/translations?

    We provide certified translations of legal, academic, and corporate documents, as well as powers of attorney, birth certificates, agreements, transcripts, and diplomas.

    What guarantees do you provide?

    Professionalism and quality: because our translators are specialized, we can guarantee the quality of our projects..

    Experience: we have more than 8 years of experience in the industry.

    Privacy: we treat all of the information we handle with the utmost care.

    Commitment: we are committed to completing the work by the agreed-upon deadlines.

    Promptness: we complete tasks in a shorter amount of time.


    How do I pay?

    We accept the following payment methods:

    • Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard
    • Bank transfer
    • Paypal


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